Disney is progressing on their metaverse adventure. They’ve now engaged a former Apple executive to oversee the Metaverse’s creative approach. Mark Bozon worked for Apple for 12 years before moving to the entertainment conglomerate Disney.

Bozon will lead a team of executives throughout the organization to create integrated customer experience across immersive new storytelling canvases as VP, Next Generation Storytelling Creative Experiences.

According to the article, Bozon will work with colleagues in the creative, tech, design, and strategy sectors.

Disney took this decision so that Bozon may help manage the company’s expansion into an ever metaverse realm. The formal position is Vice President of Next Generation Storytelling Creative Experiences. He intends to form a team to create new immersive experiences throughout the organization.

Mike White, who has the position of senior VP of Next Generation Storytelling and Consumer Experiences, recruited Mark Bozon.

White was assigned to the position earlier this year when executives from CEO Bob Chapek began expressing the company’s plans to have a stake in the metaverse.

Disney has always been big on NFTs. They have published multiple NFTs from their various branches, including Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars, collaborating with VeVe.

Through the appointment of Mike White and the growth of this team within the firm, the company’s CEO, Bob Chapek, has demonstrated his clear objectives in expanding and benefiting from this building industry.

Chapek previously told CNBC that the metaverse is a “third dimension” of possibilities.

With Disney, everything is possible in the Metaverse. One option that fans have come up with is a Disney theme park in the metaverse, accessible via a platform such as the Sandbox or Decentraland. They may, however, seek to benefit by creating their own forum.

An absolute hit is nearly certain with the characters and licensing they own.